Connecting With Your Inner Child and Old Self

I absolutely love this piece of writing. I also wish that I could see the world through the eyes of a child and an elderly person. I have a lot of the same views as you, although I am only 17-years-old, I feel like I am in too much of a rush to grow up and get my life started. Personally, my life dream is to work with the elderly, because I admire their sense of appreciation and respect all that they have been through in their life and want to continue making their lives special and rewarding as they age. You are a great writer, and thank you for opening my eyes and showing me that I’m not the only one with these views (:


Is School a Life Test?

I have been told that school is a life test, from preschool to high school.  That we are prepped to be ready for life- to see if we can handle it.  As much as I think that they have been stepping stones, and each year has progressively gotten harder, I don’t think that we should relate this to a life test.  If you can pass ‘all theses classes’ you can pass high school and start your life.  “It’s not that you have to know this level of math to survive life, but you have to get through it and pass it so that you can fight the obstacles that you will face in life.  Pretend that all these lessons are life obstacles that you need to jump over”, said one of my high school teachers.  As much as I appreciate the education I am given and many of the teachers that I have had, I don’t think that school has “prepped” me to handle life at all.  To my peers and I, school has become less about LEARNING and more about MEMORIZING to pass the tests that we are given on the material we are taught each week.  The fact that kids are leaning to cheating just so they get a good grade for homework is not right..  I don’t understand how that is right at all.  I do know that we are pressured by our teachers, who are pressured by the school, who is pressured by the district, who is pressured by the government- so it is not directly our school’s fault or our teacher’s fault.  Every one of us have a different schedule and different classes, all in which have homework and tests on more than likely the same days, causes stress.  It is said that stress is a leading cause in early death rates, yet high school is the what is causing stress in the life of teenagers.  I do think that school should push you, make you think, and make you work, but there is a fine line.  Many teens don’t just go to school, they have sports or jobs, etc. outside of school.  My of my fellow classmates aren’t getting the needed amount of sleep at night because they are staying up studying or doing homework so that they can pass their classes.  I don’t think that saying a student that earns straight A’s is more ‘prepared for life’, vs. someone getting a lower GPA.

This website gives you a better look into the average teen’s stress that they deal with in their everyday life:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/11/american-teens-are-even-m_n_4768204.html.


Work Ethic

I grew up having a single mom that was in college, and working every opportunity she got to have the money to support not only herself, but me as well.  Looking back, it was difficult not having my mom around as much as I had wished, but it made the times we did spend together even more special.  As I got older, I began to realize all of the sacrifices she made for me and all of the hard work she did to make me happy and my life as best as she could.  Through it all, my mom had a smile on her face.  From up until I remember talking, she had been getting me excited about having a job when I turned sixteen; to the point where I wanted a job when i was so young and people thought I was crazy, but my mom just made it seem “fun”.  I remember telling my mom that I wanted to go job-hunting on my sixteenth birthday.  I have had a job for a year now at Islands Restaurant and have done a couple internships, which just turned into a second job.  I am happy to say that the work ethic that I have developed has made me a better person.  It has made me accept responsibility, save money, and truly makes me happy.  Keeping myself busy is what keeps me going.  Sometimes my friends don’t understand why I work so much because they either don’t have jobs or don’t work as much as me, but it is something that I have taken on in my life and that continues to push and drive me to be the best that I can be to fulfill my longterm goal.  

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Evolving from Life to Death (Flower Analogy)

When I think of life..  I think of a flower.  Starting in the stage of a seed.  Forming a fertilized embryo-  in which a seed is developed from that embryo, and a new flower can begin.   Seeds have different rates in which they grow-depending on soil/environment conditions.  For example, some grow within a few days, or they may wait months, years or hundreds of years before the right conditions arise. Once the seed is developed into a flower, it then has a chance to live.  After not getting the correct treatment, the flower begins to whether.  Until eventually, the flower is left to nothing but a a faint memory in which looks nothing like it once did when it blossomed.

dead rores

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